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Apple Finally Fixes iPhone Autocorrect issue for iOS

Apple users finally breathe easy who keep seeing “A?” instead of “i”. On Thursday, Apple (AAPLTech30) released an iOS update to fixes iPhone autocorrect issue. Some people experienced where a lower-case letter “i” automatically corrected to an “A” and a question mark symbol.

The issue seemed to impact iPhone recent mobile software, iOS 11.1. The new software launched last week and includes hundreds+ of new emoji options and fixes iPhone autocorrect.

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Not only done the bug frustrate many people.  Some complained on social media that Apple was taking too long to fix the issue.

A Twitter user said that “iPhone has face recognition but still hasn’t fixed the letter glitch,” Apple suggested a workaround, before releasing the update. Users can select the Keyboard settings and add a text replacement to circumvent the issue.

“For Phrase type an upper-case ‘I”, Apple said on its website. Type a lower-case ‘i’ for Shortcut.

The new update also fixed an issue where “Hey Siri” which alerts Apple’s voice assistant stopped working.

iPhone iOS 11version  had a problem with the calculator app and miscalculated the result of 1+2+3. It’s not unusual for new software to have bugs.

  • To install the update, go to: Settings > General > Software Update.

Meanwhile, Apple has also promised to release another update for the iPhone X after complaints about the flagship handset’s screen becoming temporarily unresponsive in cold weather.

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