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Some Best Website Very Few People Know About


The  DIY Best Website, I fell in love with it when I was looking for ideas on working with certain microcontrollers and sensors for a robot during my Bachelor thesis and I can find pretty much everything there related to DIY.


is another page, similar to Instructables, but covers many many more things. It’s more general. Includes DIY related to electronics, cooking, gardening, beauty etc.


As a wannabe programmer, I often end up here. After trying my best to solve my problems, sometimes I ask a bunch of stupid questions because I can’t figure it out.


My best friend for tasks. You can create multiple Boards and write down all of your tasks. I have a list for Grocery Shopping, list for Studying topics when I have to study with checkboxes etc, list for travelling. You can add links, comments, images, check lists, labels and it’s super cool 🙂


The best website to travel and stay (for free) at a local’s place and thus, meet local people who can show you around. Just read the reviews well, as my experience is mostly positive, but I had a few not-that-nice moments related to hosts not being very friendly etc. The purpose is to travel and have fun and meet people who can make this experience complete by giving you local tips, joining you outside or introducing you to their culture / history / whatever 🙂


That’s a wonderful website for people who love to collect postcards. You receive a random address of a person around the world and send them a postcard, on that postcard you write a code that’s given to you so that the recipient can register it. Once you get an address, your address is also given to a random person and this way it’s always a mystery what cards you will get and from which part of the world. It’s super COOL! However for the moment I stopped it, as I need a job first 😀

TripAdvisor Forums

My best friend when I travel somewhere. Basically I always ask questions there when I prepare for a trip, especially if I travel alone. People are very responsive there and helpful and give you lots of good tips 🙂

Wolfram Alpha

If you need to calculate anything, you can do it there. Scientific calculator for basically anything. You just need to learn a bit about the syntax. I loved it when I had to write my course work for Electrical and for Cryptography, bc it calculated stuff that’d take so much time if I had to do on paper. So, very useful.

Quora (duh!) 

Who doesn’t love Quora.. okay.. actually many people of the ones I follow, I blame the fact that they just haven’t started diving into the topics and spending lots of hours reading stuff here

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