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iPhone 8 New Invention With Water Proof

iPhone 8

After some year Apple make a Amazing phone that’s iPhone 8 After some year Apple create a superb phone that is iPhone eight Apple fans can so finally get one thing contemporary and new.It is iPhone eight. however the question of however sleek Apple’s contemporary new style are going to be still remains. It looks odd to assume that there would possibly still be any mystery the least bit left encompassing Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone. There are such a big amount of leaks at now that it feels like the …

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Apple Finally Fixes iPhone Autocorrect issue for iOS


Apple users finally breathe easy who keep seeing “A?” instead of “i”. On Thursday, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) released an iOS update to fixes iPhone autocorrect issue. Some people experienced where a lower-case letter “i” automatically corrected to an “A” and a question mark symbol. don’t have any text to check? don’t have any text to …

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