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How To Get More Downloads On Your Android Games

If you want to Get More Downloads On Your Android Game then you must follow few rule which can change your download amount,

Improve ASO :

ASO, or App Store optimisation, is that the method of optimizing mobile apps and games to maximise the visibility and improve the conversion rate to put in. ASO isn’t solely regarding visibility in search, however conjointly regarding conversion rate optimisation.

Short Description

You can include up to 80 characters in the short description field, and it is very important to keep the balance and provide a clear description, including some of your main keywords that you want your application to rank for.

A well-composed short description provides a highlight about the virtues or a purpose of your app, clearly delivers a message about its value and catches attention so the user can expand it and go to see the full description. Just like it is true for the Title, adding some emoji to Short Description will definitely help

Improve your app icon:

App icon is the most impotent of app download because user 1st see the app icon and if they like it then click the  icon or app link.

Change your App title:

You can insert your main k-word in your app title. I think it will make effect your app ranking.


Make few clear and original app screenshot. And upload it.

Now time to focus on marketing :
You have many way to app marketing but I think the best way is make a landing page for your app. And rank your landing page website in google. Then you will get huge amount of user on your app and you can also show your app details in this landing page.

Make a facebook page :

Now time to make your app brand. You can make a facebook page and post regularly your app information and feature

Make YouTube video :

Now YouTube is the most popular for marketing. Because here you can publish your app video easily.

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