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Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Easily

How To Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Easily

The easiest way to Increase Speed Up Mozilla Firefox on the computer

Need to Speed Up Mozilla to avoid slow internet. We are facing many problems due to the slow internet in Bangladesh. Because
For this reason many of peoples  uses  Opera browser’s Turbo. But many people do not notice that because of the use of Opera browser, those who use limited internet like 1 GB or 3GB, they are facing many problems.
Because  to the use of Turbo, the internet will end very quickly. But we can solve this problem easily if we want to avoid trouble and without any additional software.
For this done we need Mozilla FireFox Internet Browser and any Operating System Microsoft windows.
Yet it’s better to have all latest  versions of Mozila Firefox.   

To Increase  Speed up Mozilla Fire Fox,  You  must  follow some rules.

So follow this rules and done it step by step

  1. Open your Mozila Firefox browser first.
  2. Now go to your address bar and press the Enter “about: config” . Then press enter.
  3. Then the warning message will appear.Where see “I’ll be careful there”, press enter.
  4. Then there will be appear again “about: config” page. Now type “Pipelining” and press key for ‘search’ option on filter here. Or find out the option “Pipelining”
  5. Change the value of “Network.http.pipelining”, and select it true from false.
  6. You must to change “Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” it’s value select 4 to 10.
  7. Value of Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests can never be given more than 10, it’s select 4-10
    7. Now let’s Mozilla Firefox exit.
  8. Now go to your Internet Connection Manager Properties and click on “Configure” from General tab.
  9. Now change the maximum speed (bps) and come out with the highest value of 921600.
  10. Then restart your computer.

Now you see yourself how much Mozilla Firefox speedy!!

If you like it, share it with friends and enjoy!

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